10 Best Trends Overseas Degrees In A Post-Pandemic World

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives and perspectives on a global scale. While some industries have been hard hit and some jobs have been unable to adapt to the changes, others have prospered in the face of the pandemic.

Wondering how can you stand out from the job market crowd in the ‘new normal’? Want to carve out a rewarding career in the post-pandemic era? Don’t fret. We have it covered for you.

Listed below are a few courses that you might consider worthwhile pursuing which will not only realise your dream of quality education but fill your pockets too.

1. Nursing

The pandemic has brought out the importance of healthcare and more so with the people on the ground. Nurses, considered as the frontline warriors against COVID-19, proved to be the angels during the testing times and the demand for them increased manifold. And so is the Nursing course which has proved to provide a secured job in the current scenario.

If you have the zeal to serve the community while making a career out of your passion, then Nursing is the course to choose to make a difference in the society.

Approx salary: $60,000 per year

2. Pharmaceutical Science

One of the industries that flourished despite the pandemic was the pharmaceutical sector which saw phenomenal growth with the development of vaccines for newer diseases. There is an ever-growing demand for the health sector which in turn will propel the pharmaceutical sector.

Discover your passion for the cells and pathogens, diseases and cures with the Pharmaceutical Science course which not only gives you an insight into the human life but also gives various options of field, administrative and managerial jobs that follow the course.

Approx salary: $72,000 per year

3. Biotechnology

Biotechnology offers you a chance of getting deep into the basis of genesis and its modification used to find cures for numerous illnesses. The job opportunities arising out of this sector is on a rise despite the threat of COVID-19.

Approx salary: $42,000 per year

4. Information Technology

Information Technology is an ever green field for job seekers in business and technology, especially in the post-pandemic period owing to the work-from-home model that has been adapted across the world.

Choosing subjects like database administration, system analysis and design, network foundations etc along with an opportunity to improve your coding and programming skills will give a fillip to your career.

Approx salary: $60,000 per year

5. Information Architecture

If you are a creative person with a penchant for technology, this is the right course for you as you can design websites that give an optimized user experience. Once in the zone, you can analyse user needs and develop technologies that meet the needs and preferences of netizens.

Jobs in Information Architecture allow remote working, which makes it safe even during a pandemic.

Approx salary: $59,000 per year

6. Information Systems

Information is power as they say. If you love computing, Information System is the right choice for it can land you in an array of lucrative jobs such as Software Engineer, Computer Consultant and Data Analyst and many more.

Approx salary: $56,000 per year

7. Cybersecurity

With some of the reputed companies’ data being hacked in the recent times, every company has been on the lookout for foolproof systems and this is where the importance of Cybersecurity comes into picture. Choose this course for the latest developments in the digital world along with associated skills such as software development and coding leading to jobs in software and application development or tech-related jobs.

Approx salary: $50,000 per year

8. Business & Data Analytics

Most of the businesses have shred the traditional means of analyzing the market trends and are depending on data analysis and other business tools.  It’s important for them to know how to take advantage of data to stay competitive and make better business decisions. Hence the demand for business and data analysts.

Approx salary: $63,000 per year

9. Data Science

If computer programming and statistics are your strong skills, then taking up a degree in Data Science should be your career goal. Data Scientists are much in demand these days owing to the various needs of modern business era.

Approx salary: $70,000 per year

10. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in terms of both education and career as the world moves towards using AI for almost everything ranging from clicking a selfie to choosing your diet. From machine learning to AI representation and problem-solving, the world continues to shift to newer technologies. The demand for AI developers is ever increasing and this is the right time to take up the course.

Approx salary: $100,000 per year

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