Is Talent Crunch Pinching You Hard?

Updated: December 28, 2022

Finding the right people for your American and Canadian company can be hard. Whilst there is no dearth of talent pool in any of the countries, you can find it a bit tricky to get through the labyrinth.

In fact, one of the contentious issue plaguing the U.S. labor market in the post-Great Recession era is  the glaring gap between the demand and actual supply of the skilled workers. It only stimulate the need to create channel to reach out to the competent candidates in the US and beyond to Canada.

Herein, this blog will give a quick round of ways you can access the talent pool in the region:

  • Job sites

US and Canadian Job market has flourished. Most of the job seekers share their profile on numerous relevant job websites to be accessible to the companies. All you have to do is open your company account and start skimming through the listed profiles of the candidates to select the best as per your specific needs.  However, it can be exhausting. You may need a support to pursue it.

  • Job consultants

Tight schedules? Do not worry! Consult experienced job consultants in the US and Canada to get all the recruitment done for you. From filtering the CVs to conducting interviews, most job consultants provide complete service package. Share your compelling need for the skilled staff for best results. They will get the best of the best for the vacant job positions in your company. However, the final hiring decision would still be in your hand.

  • Social Media

Social media has indisputable dominance in our life. Be it personal or professional, most people leverage the power of the virtual world to engage with people around the world. Most job aspirants share their core skills and expertise online only to proper their chances to get at the top of the stack. Also, many corporations consider social media as an integral component of their hiring strategies. Be it the professional linkedin, or the viral facebook, or quirky twitter, if you have the razor sharp eyes, then the right man for the job is not far. But, hiring managers have to take the stake to explore the relevance of the candidatures of the candidates.

  • Recommendations

Spread the word about the kind of person you’re looking for in your US and Canadian company. Seek some recommendations from your existing employees, peers or possibly in the friend or social circles. You never know the right guy is possibly very near you. So you do not have to sweat it out, and let the word go around.

All said and done, you can cut it short with an easy step – join Nestlings –  an online platform to access the brightest of minds in USA and Canada. Collaborate with the brimming talent around hailing from myriad educational streams and interests.  Often, in the desperation of finding the right people, many recruiters make hasty calls. However, real time exchange with the recommended candidates can rule out many scary possibilities as you can experience with Nestlings.

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