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From Compassion to Recommendation- Why Connecting with Teachers Matter?


We know your thoughts when it comes to connecting and talking with teachers.


You don’t want to be called as “teacher’s pet”?


Nonetheless, as you spend time with your friends in High school, being gravitated to your teacher is one element that you should definitely imbibe.


No matter, how much you are ridiculed, building a positive teacher-student relationship is absolutely vital.


Here in this article, we list reasons why you should keep in touch with your teachers and build a more personal bond.


A Compassionate Bond



The transition to High school can be a stressful time for most students. Researchers say that they have witnessed a decline in motivation, self-esteem and academic performance of the students from what data they have gathered of high schools in Canada and the USA.


As such a helping hand from a teacher to let loose and perform the best can curate a positive path for your future college endeavors.


Teachers can lend you the much needed sympathetic ear helping you to understand the complexities of your academic, college and family life. Teachers can boost your confidence during your high school years, taking out the bright and creative side of your personality.


As such building a better bond with your teacher can offset some of the routinely stressors that may hamper the students experience often disrupting their college journey. A better teacher-student bond can support you to develop as a more productive member of the society.


The Positive Support


The recent researches elaborate that Students who find a better support from their high school teachers are less prone to depression and experience more growth in self-esteem during their high school years.


Researches also recognise that students who exhibit respect for their pedagogues or deem more reverence for them are often well-supported for their autonomy by the teachers. In fact, teachers  can help the students on setting a more realistic and individualized goal, improving their performance.


A teacher can definitely nurture and help students to imbibe a constructive feedback in their personality, which can motivate them further in their grad schools journey.


If a student believes that his/her teacher trusts him/her, then it is more likely that he/she will be interested in the specific class too. Also, the student is more likely to conform to the positive social norms of the classroom, and eager to master the academic lessons taught to them.


Recommendation Letters


As we have always made clear that admittance to any great Grad School is highly based on the kind of recommendation letter you get from your High school teachers.


This is incredibly important to your future and hence, relationship with the teacher who is writing the letter will undoubtedly affect what he/she writes and how he/she writes about your abilities.


If a teacher knows you personally and you have a good attendance and grades in his/her class, obviously they will have the most considerate lines to elaborate on your abilities.


Especially if the teacher writing your recommendation letter is respected in the academic circle and teaches the subject, whose specialization you are going to undertake in your Grad school. Congratulations! You have scored a bonus point in your letter.


Forge Connections Early With Your Grad School Teachers


Understand that most Grad School Teachers are less likely to communicate with prospective students or applicants, however they do have an interest in the incoming students.


You can follow with the professors prior to enrollment to your Grad school, especially if you are thinking to take more than one class with anyone particular teacher.


A suggestion from us would be to try sending a letter through the mail, or dropping an email. (However, you should absolutely not give a call!).


Your email or note should include a formal greeting that helps in introducing you to the professor and a message that you are enrolling soon. You can also mention about any of the professor’s research writing that you have been following.


If you have commenced your happy conversation and got a reply, you can also request to schedule an in-person meeting with the teacher once you arrive in the campus.


Discuss Your Concerns


College Professors are extremely supportive to all their students. If they know that you are struggling in any areas, they would proactively work with you to improve your performance. This also helps in solidifying your relationship with the professor. In case you decide to pursue your doctoral studies, a professor will definitely help you hone your research skills.


In The End…


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