How does it work?

Get into your DREAM College in USA/Canada with 4 EASY STEPS

STEP 1: You create your Nestlings Profile in minutes for FREE access to US/Canadian colleges

Set up your Free Student Profile with few details from you about your background and goals for your Profile, and you are a Nestling!   Your personal Portal opens up all the US/Canadian schools that are a match for you.

STEP 2: You’re assigned a FREE Mentor from Nestlings to answer all your questions & smooth the way

Your Personal Mentor helps you from college search to graduation!  They are your Answer Gurus for all things in college:  from admission test requirements to visa & travel preparations, they will guide you through your journey to application & acceptance, travel/residency formalities, even through your first day of classes.  They’ll also know all about scholarships/student loans & internships.

STEP 3: You submit an application to each University of interest (a FREE application process)

We’ll highlight your school matches – they have a FREE application process.  Apply and stay connected with the schools of your choice and follow the status of your applications right from your Portal.

STEP 4: Enroll in your top choice of school among those accepting your application.

Once you accept and enroll, remember to stay in touch with the School and your Mentor all the way to Day One of classes – and beyond – through your Portal.  Your Mentor helps you prepare and smooths the way!