Nestlings aims to ease college admissions process

Updated: December 28, 2022

Mountain View, California, 10/15/2016 – Nestlings steps forward with it’s social networking platform, introducing a revolutionary way for students to make connections to accredited universities. Students are given a simplified platform to apply for not only universities, but for jobs, internships and scholarships. Nestlings also includes features for staying connected to mentors, recruiters, friends, current and former teachers and university faculty.

Students will be able to easily keep track of deadlines, invites, special functions and events, as well as show off their achievements, awards, accomplishments and test scores. Nestlings is the only system of it’s kind.

Nestlings student profiles can be open to be viewed by universities, recruiters and employers. Having a central system for recruiters to search for students takes the hassle out of scouting and trying to gather unorganized information about students. Universities will be able to easily recruit students who have completed their application process and discover students who would best represent their institutions.

How does this differ from the usual application process? The current student application process is too complicated and different for each school. This process takes far too much time filling out different application forms for each individual institution. Currently university applications are not interactive. With Nestlings, institutions can see live recommendations, ratings, essays, and articles written by students.

Nestling will create a standardized recruitment and application process for all institutions worldwide. The student’s profile will include all of the most sought after information necessary to recruit students. Universities can request additional information from students who proceed down the admissions pipeline only when it’s necessary.

In future iterations Nestlings will pilot a system that will allow scholarships, companies, and other advertisers to reward students through their platform by using incentives that will give students a chance to redeem real-life rewards including scholarships and freebies to cover the costs associated with college life.

Nestlings was founded by Sowmya Satish and Raj Shekar. Prior to their creation of Nestlings, Sowmya and Raj had played around with the idea of creating an app to sell used items and services within their community, which eventually evolved into Sowmya’s idea to create a commerce network for student communities. Sowmya realized student’s problems were much more complex than the need to buy and sell goods, and Nestlings was born.

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Nestlings is an app which allows you to apply to many schools in many countries with just a few clicks
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