sowmya satish

Sowmya Satish

As Founder & CEO of Nestlings, I have applied my nearly 20 years of IT, data science, and software development experience to my passion for helping international students achieve their dream of an overseas college education. Nestlings is the first academic online platform of its kind because it is a data-driven tool that helps international students strategically apply for best-fit universities as well as connect them to student loans, internships, and first-time jobs.

Nestlings solves the problem of the fragmented international application process that has insufficient insights and feedback for millions of students. Since its founding in 2018 after a rigorous vetting by Y Combinator, we have had 50K+ students adopt the platform as well as 200+ college enterprise clients partner with us. We have established our office in California and India, and expect 10X growth in revenue by the end of 2022.

Before founding Nestlings, I was a Data Analytics Specialist at Apple, where I ran user-predictive modeling on several of its products and services, including iTunes. While at Apple, I was able to dig deep into data questions and problems that allowed me to make actionable recommendations to improve user experience. Beyond my data analytics experience, I have advanced knowledge in artificial intelligence--I write complex algorithms to solve real world problems.

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