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To Greek Or Not To Greek?: Pros and Cons of Fraternities and Sororities

Pros and Cons of Greek Life

The time has come where you have finally been accepted to your university of choice.  A certain question comes to mind. To greek or not to greek? Should one join a fraternity/sorority?  Why or why not?

There are many pros associated with the greek life. With just a few to name, you are able to gain a particular social standing as well as future connections in the workforce.

You will gain instant friendships and lifelong bonds called brother/ sisterhoods. Participation in fundraisers and special organizations. Leadership skills. Being part of a group with one common goal in mind, which is gaining a successful life.

With pros, cons always follow.

Though greek life may appear to be glamorous and a fun outlet to break up the stress of studies, there are some things that should be known before considering joining a frat/sorority. Let’s not beat around the bush here.

The cost associated with joining one of these organizations can add an increase of around 25% on top of basic college expenses. This percentage is just for the basics associated with greek life. It would be smart to put in some time researching dues, insurance, clothing, pins and whatever costs that may incur.

With every fraternity and sorority, you must pledge. Being a pledge will require you to participate in a particularly manipulative activity-hazing.

Emotional, physical and psychological challenges await. Not only this, but there have been reports of hazing gone wrong which have resulted in death.

It’s a risk that 50-80% of the student body is willing to take. So if you choose to partake in hazing, just remember that it’s ok to back out if you feel at any moment your life may be in danger rather than participating in an activity which makes you uncomfortable. It’s just not worth it.

Also, the time commitment will interfere greatly with your studies if you can’t find a good balance between your class schedule and attending meetings or completing tasks for your greek organization.

Commitments to being present at your greek home: you may even face fines within your organization for missing these time commitments. Time management is a must.  

In conclusion, greek life can be a blessing or a curse. Choose your organization wisely. Study your organization of choice and it’s history, rules, fees as well as pros and cons. Make the best choice for you.

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