What to Keep In Mind When Preparing For Grad School Admissions?

Updated: December 28, 2022

Getting in your favorite Grad school in USA and Canada is a tough grind. There could be a lot of unnecessary stress in your senior years and you might feel apprehensive about what will happen next.

However, it is OK to feel little worried but keep in mind that knowledge is the key when it comes to applying for Grad school.

Your admissions journey will decide your fate and you will have to discourage all the misconceptions that you have about this process.

Here in this article, Nestlings will list out the most equitable approach that will lend you sure-shot success during grad school admissions.

Don’t Simply Bank on Perfect Grades and Test Scores

Getting accepted into a Grad school in USA and Canada requires a holistic approach. This means that admission officers will not solely consider grades and test scores, rather they will want to discern more about your competency apart from your academic standards.

While straight-A and perfect SAT is great, you should also spend your time crafting a great personal statement. Also be precise in your approach and tailor every application specific to the school you are applying.

Moreover, spend time evaluating the teachers who will write your recommendation letter and additionally be considerate about the list of activities that you are going to record in your application.

Confide In Quality

This is yet another significant determinant when applying for grad school. Whether you are listing your activities or determining the colleges to apply, quality matters over quantity.

You might want to list out all your extracurricular activities along with advanced courses that you took or the hours you spent on community service. Yet admission officers in USA and Canada are only going to focus on quality rather a number.

It is more preferable that you post only a few numbers of activities that you are particularly interested and can make a positive impact.

Don’t Consume Too Much On College Rankings

Every day you will find a separate set of college rankings in different newspapers and magazines, so we will ask you to not obsess over any of them.

Different reviewers can list out different criteria for evaluation. So, instead of fretting about the school rankings, consider whether it is appropriate for you or not.

Even the top schools in the rankings, might not be the fit for you. Create your own list depending on your preference or specialization.

Rejections Are Not Personal

Don’t concede that admission officers are searching for the grounds to reject your application. Rather truth is the opposite. They are looking for ways to admit students. However, they have to wrestle over the right decision.

Their job is to select students that can commit to the college, skimming and swimming through thousands of college applications every year. Please don’t surmise that rejections are personal. It is just because of the highly competitive admissions process.

In the End…

Apply to the Grad schools with the balanced and best-fit approach. Know about each place you are applying, visit and reach all resources linked to your likely schools repeatedly.

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